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Stories of the Past

This is where we list stories for those who have submitted a time of living in Egypt. If you submit a story, please don not send fictional. We ask that the story be real and true to your belief. Mainly we are intrested in shamanic journeys, astral projection, visions, dreams, and any other means that you feel that connects you to Ancient Egypt. Also any stories you may have of some one elses experience with the past or the calling.

How the world came to be

By: Lord Jon Ray

Here is a theory that I've been working on, and pondering..... Think Egypt, then the sun always rising in the East, only to set in the West. Remember how the directions of the sun were view and worshipped during times of Ancient Egypt. Then ponder this, Sun sets in the west symbolizes death. Sunrise is to the east a new. Now focus on a devote group of worshippers of the Sun god and how they wished to find the home of the sun to the East. (Their visualization of heaven.) This journey spread them out farther, and farther into remotes areas of the world, all the way to the east coast of Asia, where some found the GREAT OCEAN, and settled, declaring this to be the home of the sun, others ventured up the coastline a little and found a narrow piece of land stretching out into the ocean, or the water was only knee deep for miles and miles, so they walked out into the ocean to be one and at home with their god the mighty sun. Were a small untouched by other humans piece of land now called Japan is, here they settled and declared this to be the home of the Sun. But for thoses across the shores who were too afraid to travel across the sea into the unknown, trusted land further to the north, and traveled this way on up into the Ice lands where they found either a lush green valley surrounded by walls of ice, or lived upon the mighty Ice Bridge and cross the ocean that way on over into what is now called Alaska. Here some declared after exhaustion of travel across the great Ice Bridge, and with the pureness of white reflecting the rays of the sun so mighty for miles and miles that this was the home of the sun. Yes more curious travelers tired of the cold climate still would not rest till their hands could lay themselves upon the very surface of their god the sun, and perhaps tend to it's needs, within it's house. Down into the wilderness lands of the now North America, they traveled. Thoses to stay in this became the native American Indians, many finding this new home to be much of joy, and with the harshness of life they had traveled to get her, lost sight and way of the journey to be with the sun god, and other native spirits arose from this new untouched land. Yet others losing direction or just wandering aimlessly south journey onward, in what is now called Central America. Here many decided this was to be the house of the sun since it was very close the equator of the earth, and the sun was best seen here, this must be the place and house of the sun, giving rise to a nation known as the Mayans, and here they built what could be remembered of the of the ones in Egypt many generations and lives ago. Some still seeking passage travel to the East of North America, and downward into the reaches of now South America, hoping perhaps to find a land mass to the home of the sun, or an ice bridge like the Great one to the North to carry them yet further east. This was the first and truly greatness Exodus out of Egypt before any other before or after it's time, thus giving creation and life to cover the globe in it's entire, save the southern cap of the planet.
This is a theory I'm currently developing, so some information is liable to change to align with what is known scientifically and logically to be.

The 1st Great Exodus out of Egypt

(A revised "How the world came to be")

What I purpose: I've gathered the theory to which a great Exodus out of Egypt was made long before the time of the Israelites. One that populated most of the Asia continent, the island of Japan, Alaska, and both the North and South American continents. My reason for such a great journey from home is of a religious nature. Both the ideals of the west representing the land of the dead, and the east land of life. That the sun god Ra (Amun Ra) arose in the east and sailed to the west into the underworld upon his reed boat. And for a drive or a longing to be closer to their god, which can be felt in many religious groups and ideals today. Perhaps it was lead by a high priest in a holy search to find Heaven? But something of this nature drove a great group of Egyptians to travel to the lands to the east. Therefore populating most of what is today eastern Asia, and North & South America. A story of how the events went follows: Longing to find the home of their sun god, a high priest lead a large group of followers out of Egypt, and headed east towards Sinai. (I haven't developed and actual timeline to date, dued to the fact I'm working backwards to support my theory in hopes that I can uncover some actual text, artifacts or other information to support my theory clearer.) They would have passed through India, along the sea for food, and later head inland towards modern day China, Mongolia and parts of southern Russia and eastern Russia. When they arrived to the coastline of South East and East Asia, they proclaimed this to be the holy land of their sun god. And so started to settle the land in the ways they had learned from the elder's of the group, as it must of took generations before they finally reached some areas of the world. (Not sure if it was waited or a continued journey at this point but..) Some of the people saw land further to the north, and there they went. Some came to the Russian island of then a connected strip of land, modern day Sakhalin, and on down into what is modern day Japan. And here out to sea more than that of the lands to the south, did they proclaim this the true land of the rising sun and of their sun god. But perhaps some people saw land to the north and started to move in that direction. And came to the Bering Stait, perhaps passable via land at that time, and started to populate Alaska. Then in search of warmer climate or perhaps following wild game, they began to pour down into modern day America and Canada. And became the American Indians. In Japan they took up the fisherman's way of live and became the Japanese. In Mongolia and China they became the Chinese and Mongolians. And thus in the ever pursuit of their sun god or at that point just in search of better land and exploration they found themselves all the way to the southern tip of South America, in so doing populated the areas. The ideals that I currently support my findings are thus: There have been found pyramids in both China and Japan that few people know about, and are in runes. I personally have had a chance to see some of the ones in Japan. Also the ideal of the Aztec and the Mayan worship unto a god of the sun. And the step(mastaba) pyramids they built much like thoses in Ancient Egypt. In my study of both the Chinese/Japanese Kanji and Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics, I've found the grammar, writing styles, and ideals to be the same, in some cases duplicating thoses of the Ancient Egyptians. Of course in time the Chinese developed their own form of Kanji writing and the Japanese borrowed it and added their own forms of writing to it. Also why I purpose they island of Japan was enter from the north, is that new archeology sites have been opened in both the Tohoku and Hokkaido areas, and dated back to having been the oldest forms of civilization in Japan. Also that Japan is often known as the land of the rising sun, and my research has found that the Ancient Japanese people had and worshipped a sun god before the lands that tore the land apart erased that part of their history. Alaskan look very much like the Mongolians and people of Northern Japan, also the common belief and history of strong shamanism in all theses areas link them. I also believe a very strong form of shamanism is what gave birth to the Egyptian religion, and not paganism as describe in Hellenism. As for the Native American Indians as I look even unto today it is hard to tell the elder Japanese people apart from the north American Indians. The reason for some greater changes than others is dued to the integration of other races, and the climate and foods ate. And so, with the many rituals of the Aztecs and Mayans. The continue of shamanism in the Amazon basin. And many of the ideals writing styles, and beliefs that span across great depths of water. I have based my theory upon. And I continue to search for further information to fact my claims.

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