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Greetings and welcome to the Listing for all the Virtual Temples of Netjer, here at Ancient Egyptian Lives. So far no temples have been dedicated or erected in honor of any of the Ancient Egyptian Gods & Goddess. If you'd like to become an Online Priest or Priestess and create a webpage in honor of your god or goddess email: Lord Jon Ray.
Or if your not sure which god to choose from go to the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddess page. Below are the rules for the Online Virtual Temples:

  • 1) Websites can not be stored at the AEL site, but can be linked to other servers as long as the linked sites to other servers are member of (AEL).
  • 2) There can only be one Temple of one set of a god or goddess. That means no duplicated material or groups. If you wish to create your own inner circle or set pages, you will be branched off the House of the founder of who erected the temple to that god/goddess.
  • 3) Each Temple is allowed to set their own rules and rites.

    Not to many for now, perhaps more to come as the temples begin to form. I hope you enjoy your stay here at the Virtual Temples of Netjer, and look forward to seeing more and more temples in honor of the Ancient Egyptian Gods & Goddess here as well.

    The Temple of Amun-Ra

    This temple is currently under construction both graphically, virtually, and webpage wise. But here is a sneak peek of whats to come. This is the front gate at the golden Obelisks, and the two mighty pylons. Later to come are the Great Pyramid of Amun-Ra and his temple.

    Below is a view of the Newly designed gate, from within the Temple Walls...

    More to come.....

    The above is old news, but since I have nothing to replace it with yet I've kept it there, till the AEL Temple is ready. Currently being built and render in complete 3D. Once it is done, it shall act as a portal to the other temples like an online virtual map. As of 3/17/99, that is where we are with the Virtual Temples of Netjer.

    Here is a bird's eye view of the AEL Temple being built.

    I am the Nun, and from me springs the meaning of life...

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